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Streak In The Paint
Sorrel Stallion
Painted Dash x Shell Streak (Ten Streaks x Shell Drive by My Designated Driver)

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Guy Ray Rutland would always look at a horse before he looked at the pedigree. And he would always go
around and look at the rear end first. That's the most important part of a good horse. He must have a good hind
leg and rear end. Take a good look at the rear end on this colt. Look at that crease in his hip. Look at that stifle
muscle and gaskin. If you like the horse then look at the book and you'll probably find the reason you like him. If
you don't like the horse, there's no need to go any further because all the pedigree in the world isn't going to
change the way that horse looks. There's a reason for that ... a solid breeding program. You racehorse owners
... here is a GOOD one!!! He's a full brother to a solid racehorse out of one too!  Now take a look at the
pedigree!! Some of the best bloodlines there are that will take you to the top! Dat what speed do!!!


Dam Shell Streak si 80 winner with 3 seconds and match track winner several times. She was super fast going 150 yards, they couldn't beat her! 

Dam: Shell Drive si 103 $49,191 stakes placed winner 5 times (officially) and over $100,000 and 20 races won
on the match track. She could LEAVE the gates!!! Shell Drive is also a AAA producer of Heza Painted Driver si
96 winner (at Remington Park by over 1 1/2 lengths but disqualified) La Kora si 92 and Shell Streak si 80.
Jumpy Driver is also a full sister to another winner, Lets Drive si 91.

2nd Dam: Lets All Jumpfor Joy si 88 is also the dam of Bar Jump Joy who is the dam of Jump N Streak si 99
Stakes Winner $58,599 and had the opportunity to earn a lot more money in the Iowa Bred program but tough
racing luck wouldn't have it. She retired 100% sound.  Bar Jump Joy (unraced) is by the great TB racehorse and
sire, Barrera, who was know for years as the fastest sprinting TB to ever run. His pedigree and speed
impressed Guy Ray Rutland so much that we shipped 20 mares to Kentucky to breed to his full brother,
Tonkaton, simply because we could afford him over the $25,000 fee on Barrera. This colt has the real "Barrera"
blood. Bar Jump Joy is a half sister to Shell Drive si 103 stakes placed winner of $49,191, winning 5 times, 5
times second, 2 times third officially and winning well over $100,000 on the match track in U.S. and Mexico. If
you are looking for something to win the big futurities with, take a look at him.
Lets All Jumpfor Joy SI 89 AAAT Stakes Producer is also the dam of Lets Drive si 91 winner of 2 races; Barrera
Drive si 86 winner of 3 races; Mister Sidray Joy si 91 winner of 2 races and a good barrel horse; Joy Down si 89
winner of 3 races; Yourdesignateddriver si 85 winner; etc.

3rd Dam: Carella Boone SI 81 (by Johnny Boone) 3 wins from 7 starts, 100% ROM and Winners Producer of
ECS Hope si 83 winner; Joyful Boone si 81 winner; Lets All Jumpfor Joy si 89 winner of 3 races; etc.

4th Dam: Money Pack SI 84 (by Pacific Bailey) is a full sister to 6 ROMs. Money Pack is the dam of 5 starters, 4
ROMs, 4 winners including Fanny Mae Bar SI 87 SP; Jet Rail Carelli SI 93 winner 4 times, one third from 6
starts; Illini Native si 81 winner o 3 races, 2 seconds, 1 third from 7 starts; Native Money Show/Performance
ROM; etc.

5th Dam: Bar Marie Tex AA (by Bar Money) Multiple AAA Stakes Producer of Mr Pardee Bar AAA Stakes Winner
twice Stakes Placed three times, with 10 wins, 2 seconds, 3 thirds in 17 starts; Pin On You SI 99 winner of 5
races, 11 seconds, 7 thirds; Bar Bailey Kansas si 78 but won 2, 1 second, 1 third from 6 starts; Bar Baby Bailey
SI 88; Pacs Tex Bar SI 89; Bacarrar Stks. Pl.; Lucky Marble Stks. Pl.; Cora Marie AAAT Producer of Pacific
Teddy SI 102 (by Pacific Bailey);Ta Tag Marie AAA Producer; etc.

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