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Breeding Service


  • We have been breeding mares for over 50 years. We know what it takes to get a mare in foal.


  • Here at Rutland Ranch, we offer the very best of care for your mares and foals at affordable rates.


  • Great facilities offer individual stalls, each one 16' by 16', allowing room for your horse to move about freely.


  • There are no "hidden" charges or excessive palpation fees.


  • We have a one-time ultra-sound fee, no matter how many times your mare is scanned.


  • One man, Jeff Rutland, does the teasing, collecting, breeding and ultrasound. No one else to blame.


  • While technology and science have enhanced the procedure of artificial insemination, it still isn't rocket science, it just takes hard work to get a mare in foal....something we are willing to offer.


  • We will ship semen on our stallions anywhere in the country.


  • We offer a Shipped Semen Package for those wishing to ship semen in from another farm to your mare.

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