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Painted Dash

For over 60 years our philosophy has not changed. It has been said that, "Guy Ray's word was gold", if he told a man something, that was the way it would be.  Today we still live out those same high standards of honesty and integrity in business.   We are a family business built on  strong tradition, focused on doing the "right thing instead of the expedient thing".  These values matched with our offering of some of the highest quality racing stock available today is what sets us apart from the rest.  Come on by and we will give you Guy Ray's famous "25 cent tour".   Keep in mind anyone who visited our ranch were considered guests for the first 10 minutes, after that he put them to work!

                     Whether you're an old friend or a new acquaintance, we continue to live by his standard of
   Make new friends
                                                                                Keep the old.
                                                                         One is Silver,

                                                                                     The other is Gold

 So, take your time and browse through our website you will find a bit of history and over a hundred foals, mares,   race, barrel, pole or match racing prospects for sale at all times.  If you are looking to breed your mare for that   next futurity prospect or need an experienced and dedicated race trainer to reach your next level of competition

 in the equine world, give us a call!  We are always glad to talk horses!

                                            "May the Good Lord take a likin' to you."        

Rutland Ranch

Welcome To The

An All-Time Leading Breeder of AQHA Race ROMs

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Recognized as a 75 Year Breeder with AQHA

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